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The Bellavista farm, surrounded by centuries-old olive trees is located in Botinaccio – Montespertoli (Florence), on a hill from where you have a 360° panoramic view. There are no main roads in the vicinity and therefore you can enjoy your relaxing holidays. During your stay in our farm you will be in the midst of real nature. If you are interested in botany, you will have the possibility to have long walks among different species of olive and fruit trees. Our farm produces extra virgin olive oil and honey (we have the beehive with laboratory for honey), agricultural production is that breeding of animals is conducted in accordance with orgnaic. If you love animals, Bellavista is your ideal place : we have horses, different kind of hens ( you will be able to go and pick up yourself your freshly laid eggs!!), pigeons, our two dogs – Agata and and Daria - , our coloured parrot breeding and wild birds in the wood. All our agricultural production and animal breeding is biological. Moreover, we just finished the building of a natural lake with aquatic plants and the wonderfully coloured Japanese Koi carps.
These fishes are also used in pet -therapy as they provide calm and tranquillity to the persons close to them and they let themselves to be caressed. We also have a playground with slide and swings for your children.

In Bellavista there's something to suit everybody's fancy!